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On January 5th, members of Collectio Musicorum dominated a session at the Modern Language Association conference in New York City.  The session was devoted to troubadour music, and featured Dr. Jeff Dailey and Christopher Thompson (who also sang and played the harp) giving papers and two additional members--Elizabeth Bates and Patrick Fennig--performing selections from the 12th and 13th centuries.  Dr. Dailey spoke about the surviving alba repertoire--music describing adulterous relationship and Mr. Thompson talked and demonstrated how to devise harp accompaniments for monophonic songs.

Primarily Pipelare

Mattheus Pipleare (c. 1450-1515) was a composer active in the Low Countries during the great flowering of Franco-Netherlandish music.  He lived and worked in Louvain, Antwerp and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and, unlike many of his contemporaries, seems never to have left to study in either France or Italy.  A master of polyphony, his surviving music consists mainly of sacred works, and the Festival Chorus of Collectio Musicorum will present several of these works, including his magisterial Missa de Feria and Magnificat  at a free concert on Friday, October 20th at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, 122 West 69th St, New York, NY 10023 at 8 PM.  Also on the program are keyboard intabulations of works by Pipelare, performed by the organist James Wetzel.  

This concert is a tribute to the memory of Dr. Ronald Cross (1929-2013), whose work as a musicologist brought the compositions of Pipelare to light and life.  Dr. Cross was also a composer, and several of his organ works will be heard at the concert, along with music by his colleague, Dr. Arnold Rosner (1945-2013), a composer inspired by Renaissance polyphony.  Other works by composers associated with Dr. Cross will also appear on the program.

This concert is part of the
an Early Music Foundation Service Project

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2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation.  Collectio Musicorum brings to life music from that time in a concert on Friday, September 15th at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, 122 West 69th St, New York, NY 10023 at 8 PM.  Admission is free.

The concert brings together the music of the master composers of the time, from all different traditions.  You will hear music by well-known names such as Josquin des Prez, Ludwig Senfl, and John Taverner, alongside the much lesser known Claude Goudimel, Eustachio Romano, and Conrad Rein.  Also on the program is music by the Reformers themselves—Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli were composers as well as theologians, and understood the role of music in the lives of their congregations.  Much of the music comes from the 16th century, but also included will be one of the most heart-rending of compositions—William Child’s “Lord, the Heathen are Come into Your Temple”—written just prior to the English civil war.

Collectio Musicorum has been awarded a grant from the Kurt Weill Foundation to present a performance of Weill's Frauentanz, a work for soprano and chamber ensemble based on medieval texts.  We will include this in an upcoming performance devoted to the Minnesänger, which will also feature a piece by Weill's teacher, Ferruccio Busoni, along with Minnelieder.  Stay tuned for more details.

Support by Politicians

We are happy to announce that several local politicians have written letters of support regarding the grant proposal that we submitted to the Brooklyn Arts Council.  They are, in alphabetical order, Congressman Daniel Donovan, State Senator Martin Golden,  and Assemblymember Pamela Harris. Please join us in thanking them for encouraging the work we do.

In New York:
Concerts at Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, 120 West 69th Street, New York, NY 10023 

Friday, October 21, 2016 at 8 PM 
Music from Shakespeare’s Time 
Commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death 

Friday, May 5, 2017 at 8 PM 
Le Roman de Fauvel 
A look at corruption in the Middle Ages 

In Boston:
Boston Early Music Festival Fringe Concert 
Friday, June 16, 2017 at 12 noon 
Location TBA 
Wagner’s Early Music 
Early music associated with the operas of Richard Wagner featuring works by Tannhäuser, Hans Sachs, and others 

All Concerts are Free and Open to the Public 

The Dance of Heresy

On February 13th, Dr. Dailey gave a paper at the winter meeting of the American Musicological Society's Greater New York Chapter at Columbia University.  Entitled "The Dance of Heresy--Music for the Female Pope," it shows the relationship between "La Manfredina," a dance in British Museum MS Add. 29987 and Manfreda da Pirovano, who was appointed popess by a religious group called the "Gugliemites," followers of St. Guglielma, whom they believed was the bodily incarnation of the Holy Spirit. Collectio Musicorum performed "La Manfredina" in its concert at the Boston Early Music Festival, and will be performing it again in the future.

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