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Collectio Musicorum is one of the producers of a theatrical interpretation of Sir Walter Scott's poem, "The Dance of Death."  It will be performed in the weeks prior to Halloween 2018.  Although the text is not medieval, it is based on the medieval concept of the dead returning to earth to recruit new members of their band.  Written shortly after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, Scott wrote it after a visit to the battlefield.

Collectio at MLA

On January 5th, members of Collectio Musicorum dominated a session at the Modern Language Association conference in New York City.  The session was devoted to troubadour music, and featured Dr. Jeff Dailey and Christopher Thompson (who also sang and played the harp) giving papers and two additional members--Elizabeth Bates and Patrick Fennig--performing selections from the 12th and 13th centuries.  Dr. Dailey spoke about the surviving alba repertoire--music describing adulterous relationship and Mr. Thompson talked and demonstrated how to devise harp accompaniments for monophonic songs.

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